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Guide To Pottery & Porcelain Marks

Great Britain - Pg. 36

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A June14,1852 (Period—1868-1883).

B June 14,1875 ( Period—1868-1883).

From 1842 to 1883 an English registration mark showing the approximate date of manufacture was placed on four types of articles. Earthenware was one of them. The marks (A & B) in the margin are illustrative. Between 1868 and 1867 the letter at the top directly under the circle indicates the year of manufacture. The number at the right shows the day of the month. The letter at the left indicates the month of manufacture and the number at the bottom is a key to the manufacturer. The Roman numeral in the circle at top was used as follows: I for metal objects; II for wood; III for glass; and IV for earthenware. The approximate year of manufacture is indicated by the following letters:

X—1868 P—1851 Z—1860
H—1843 D—1852 R—1861
C—1844 Y—1853 0—1862
A—1845 J—1854 G—1863
I—1846 E—1855 N—1864
F—1847 L—1856 W—1865
U—1848 K—1857 Q—1866
S—1849 B—1858 T—1867
V—1850 M—1859

The month is shown as follows:
C —January I —July
G—February R—August
W—March D—September
H-April B--October
E—May K—November
M —June A—December

Miscellaneous English Marks (Cont'd)
From 1868 to 1883 the numbers and letters were placed differently. The figure showing the day of the month was placed under the circle at top. The letter indicating the month is found at the bottom, the letter indicating the year of manufacture. is found at the right and the manufacturer's parcel number is found at the left. In this second period the letters indicating the year are as follows:

X—1868 U—1874 Y—1879
H—1869 S—1875 J—1880
C—1870 V—1876 E—1881
A—1871 P—1877 L—1882
I—1872 D—1878 K-1883

The table of letters for the months is the same for both periods.

Guide To Pottery And Porcelain Marks:





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