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I should like you to know something of Turner's life before we look at his pictures which are in a room to themselves. He was born in 1775 in Maiden ...
... effect of wind and wave in` Racing 1993 in the Merrie,'( 1994, 1995, Behnes) but we must now pass on to another room ...
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Girls who owned a nun doll could pretend whatever they wanted for their playmate. ...
... was$ 6o.00. Since that's twenty years ago (and now from another century) the price could be more. Smith's Behnes book of storekeeper values pictures an ...
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I discovered advertising characters have been with us as early as 1904. The Campbell Kids, initially designed by Grace Gebbie Drayton, have advertise ...
... Yacht, I thought I would run out of material in a couple of years the column is still going strong. In Behnes recompenses Books published my first book ...
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... conjectures, the British appointed Dr. beetle-bodied. Winf Sebring, a former designer for Endurance, as director of the Daimler. He began his job with a ...
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