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Subject: Clarence potteries co ltd

Posted By:Marisa My Auctions
Email Address: Mflukinger@q.com
Date Posted: 02/04/2013
Hello, I have recently come upon a 1/2 gall 
earthenware crock with an imprint mark to ths 
side of the pot that reads: clarence potteries co 
ltd, stockton on TEES. 
The mark is oval in shape. It has no dates, 
pictures, crowns, etc. 

The crock is glazed. It is a light sand earth tone 
throughout, and glaze dipped on the top rim with a 
darker brown tone. Some if the rim's darker glaze 
dripped down onto the crock. It is a stunning 

Any suggestions as to value, rarity, etc. would be 
truly helpful. History if known would be great as 


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