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Early Antique Tin and Glass Lantern

Offered By: Apprentice19 (0)   Category: Lighting Devices
Number of Bids: 0 Location: Greenfield, NH, 03047, United States of America
Opening Bid: $250.00 Closes On: Thu Jul 24 21:30:10 2014 (EST)
Reserve Status: No Reserve Price Current Time: Wed Jul 23 05:38:36 2014 (EST)
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This auction is for a very early 1750-1800 Colonial early glass and tin lantern; revolutionary war era. The lantern stands at 11" high and is 4" deep. To access the lantern's inner chamber there is a sliding glass panel, as can be seen in the picture. This specific item was acquired in march of 1977 and has remained with me since that time. One of the rings the goes 3/4 of the way around the lantern is a little loose on the welds. Other than that this lantern is in great antique condition and has not been tampered with. No breaks or replaced parts, all original and without issues. This is an AUTHENTIC and ORIGINAL production item. This early glass and tin lantern was appraised at $750. If you have any questions or comments please contact me. Thank you for your time, happy biding!

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Title: Early Antique Tin and Glass Lantern
Auction Number: 1406251810
The Opening Bid Is: $250.00
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