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MATCAT Antiques and Collectibles
Silver, Porcelian, Crystal and much, much more!
Hello there my friends from around the globe and greeting from one of the most beautiful parts of Australia! Please feel free to browse the items I have for sale and I hope you derive as much enjoyment from viewing them as my partner and I do in collecting.

Both my partner and I have been interested in Antiques for a long time now. The nostalgia, beauty and history that surround each and every piece we collect gives both of us great pleasure. We are fortunate to visit many garage sales, antique stores and second hand shops where many items have been disposed of with the previous owners not knowing there true value. Many of our favourite haunts have items donated from deceased estates, elderly couples moving into retirment villages who cannot take their posessions with them and children that have inherited items they do not like and donate them to a worthy cause. We hope you enjoy our items and thank you very much for your interest. Your friends DOWN UNDER Dean and Sherry NSW Australia

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