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Jabar's Eclectic Adventure!!
Home of the diverse!!
Welcome to my personal adventure in the world of antiques and collectibles! I love the excitement of the 'hunt', whether serious items or those that are just plain fun, so you'll find a little of everything here!

My Story........
For many years I've been involved in the antique business with my husband. Countless times, I've had to walk by something I loved or found interesting in some way, because our established customer base was limited to such specific items. Online auctions have allowed me an outlet for much more diversity, for which I'm very grateful! I'm having a ball! Please not that due to policy changes in Ebay's user agreement, I'm no longer able to provide a link to my feedback rating, so have taken that link out of my page. Please feel free to look for my auctions there under the user name jabar5. If you'd like to check out my online store, just follow this link http://shop.vendio.com/jabar

ItemClosesBidsHigh Bid
Very Sweet Old Book LADDIE Pretty Cover!! 5/26 15:58 0$6.95
Vintage Liqueur Bottle Old Bubbled Glass France 5/26 15:58 0$4.99
Pretty Vintage Rhinestone Belt Buckle 5/27 23:28 0$8.99
2 VINTAGE Genuine Amber Ice Chunk Beads Necklaces 5/27 23:28 0$165.00

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