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Gertie Bea's Backroad Treasures
Howdy, heres the buzz on gertiebea
I have been traveling the backroads of Texas for longer then I care to think of. I use to set up at Flea markets, and Antique and Collectible Shows. Now I am working to clean out a large storge building, stuff left over from my travels. Mostly pottery and glass, but there is also linens such as ladies hankies, apron doilies and dresser scarves.

My Auction Pics
ItemClosesBidsHigh Bid
Avons Spring Bouquet Fragranced Vase Jade Green 7/31 20:22 0$10.00
Avons Spring Bouquet Fragranced Vase Yellow 7/31 20:22 0$10.00
Camark Pitcher Vase Embossed with Fruit 8/1 5:04 0$15.75
Fenton Carnival Glass Bowl Chrysanmums Lighthouse 8/1 5:04 0$75.00
Challinor Taylor Blue Glass Fruit Bowl 8/1 5:04 0$25.00
Hull Capri Swan Flower Bowl 8/1 5:04 0$30.00
Hull's Matte Cornucopia Vase Woodland 8/2 1:08 0$50.00
Metal Cake Breaker Green Bakelite Handle 8/1 5:04 0$14.50
Two Cute Sugar and Creamer Pot Holders 8/1 5:04 0$10.00
Three Piece Table Scarf Set Butterflies Flowers 8/1 5:04 0$10.00
Vintage Dresser Scarf with Basket of Flowers 8/1 5:04 0$12.50

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