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1997 Nissan Sentra

Offered By: Digigo (0)   Category: Automotive
Number of Bids: 0 Location: Dallas, TX 75240
Opening Bid: $1.00 Closes On: Thu Jul 24 18:47:58 2014 (EST)
Reserve Status: Reserve Not Met Current Time: Thu Jul 24 09:08:57 2014 (EST)
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Many photos of this Nissan Sentra can be found by clicking here
1997 Nissan Sentra, Automatic, Gray, 190,000mi

This vehicle is located in Painesville, OH 44077. Pro: 1.The original engine is replaced by a used engine, so the engine mileage is really like 100,000 miles now. Now the mileage on the dashboard is like 190,000 (You can check the details when you look at it.) It runs better than how the milage looks like. I can show you the repair details when I replaced the engine. 2. It was a California car when i bought it in 2006 or 2007. So it is not wore out by the weather as other Ohio cars as its age. Do not judge this car as an OHIO car. 3. Good CD player and AM/FM Radio and speakers. 4. Very clean inner space. I am a female and I keep my car clean. You will not smell anything bad in my car. 5. As long as you can show a valid OH driver license, I will let you test drive. You will experience it is a really good car. 6. I know recently Toyota and Honda has problems with their cars, but Nissan is not of them. Nissan has always been under priced so it keeps its quality stable to catch up with the other two. 7. I can show you all the repair records and car maintenance records. You will know that I am honest and I take good care of my car. Con: 1. It has a huge dent near driver's side. I hit a rock when I drove on the snow for the 1st season in the north in my life. But my mechanic said mechanically speaking, I do not need to fix that. Because the car runs well. It just looks ugly. He has totally checked it for three times since then and he never said i must repair the dent or anything. (You can meet my mechanic and you will know that he is a honest, respected mechanic in the local community.) 2. The trunk cannot be open. It was like that when I bought it. If you really need to put stuff in the trunk, you can put through the rear seats. They are move-able. 3. The dash board light cannot be turned on. But I attached mini lights so the driver can still see the dash board at night as long as the driver plug in the cigarette charger for the lighting. 4. There are some internal scratches on the inner ceiling. 5. The head lights short distances beams are not working. But the far distance beams are both working. So I use the far beams. 6. Because the rock hit the driver's side door, the power window on that door can only open up to 70%. 7. The remote control sometimes can open the door and sometimes cannot. But it may be because the battery of it is low. I usually open my key, not the remote. To sum up, how do you know this car is for you? If you do not mind that this car is a little ugly. and you only care if the this car runs well, then this car is for you! Please come see this good car ASAP. And feel free to ask questions. Thank you!. Asking $1500.

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Nissan Sentra
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