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My Belief

( Originally Published 1892 )

I believe in progressive immortality and in a succession of lives here, or on other planets.

I believe the spirit lives forever and cannot decay or die.

I believe that after the death of the body those who have wandered from the laws of the Creator will be obliged to occupy a low sphere in the next world, and separated from those who lived true to principle, that they must begin the dreary labor of reformation alone with their awakened consciences.

I believe that whatever is, is best, and the sufferings we are compelled to endure here are but the results of wrong methods of living, and thinking, in this or former lives, and are ripening experiences intended to force the soul into truer conditions.

I believe space is peopled with advanced spirits who have passed through former incarnations and who sympathize with us, and strengthen us when we cry for help ; not in spiritual manifestations or materialization, but in more subtle and mysterious ways beyond the power of reason to fathom or explain.

I believe that Christ had passed through mans reincarnations and that He was, therefore, enabled to be infinite in His sympathies and power.

I believe that each soul is its own Savior; that prayer to the Unseen Forces about us widens our spiritual knowledge and brings us closer to divine truths.

I believe that we are evolved from lesser order of life through millions of centuries, and that humanity is the highest type yet obtained; that the world grows better and humanity more spiritual and intelligent constantly, and that we are all progressing towards divinity; that in time the earth will be inhabited by almost god-like beings, who shall analyze and discuss the remnants of humanity as we now discuss the chimpanzee.

I believe that love is the Universal Law, that to live upon the earth is an inestimable blessing and privilege, and that death is but the gateway to a more advanced existence.

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