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How To Educate Our Girls

( Originally Published 1892 )

The foundation of society rests on its homes. The success of our homes rests on the wives. Therefore, first of all, teach our girls how to be successful wives. Begin in their infancy to develop their characters. Teach them that jealousy is an immorality, and gossip a vice. Train them to keep the smallest promise as sacredly as an oath, and to speak of people only as they would sneak to them. Teach them to look for the best quality in every one they meet, and to notice other peoples' faults only to avoid them.

Train them to do small things well, and to delight in helping others, and instill constantly into their minds the necessity for sacrifice for others' pleasure as a means of soul development.

Once given a firm foundation of character like this,which the poorest as well as the richest parents can give to their girls, and no matter what necessity arises they will be able to rise above it.

Teach them the value of making themselves attractive by good health, physical development, neat dress, and perfect cleanliness. The worthy woman must learn that her worth alone will not keep her husband in love with her. She must be as accomplished, as amiable, as liberal minded, as tactful, as agreeable, as her less worthy rivals. She must make home the most delightful spot on earth and herself the most attractive woman as well as the worthiest. Unselfishness, perseverance, patience, and cheerfulness, must be her constant aids, and above all, tact.

(This article sent anonymously, received the prize offered by the New York WORLD for the best reply to the question "How to educate our girls.")

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How To Educate Our Girls

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