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Care Of The Bedroom

( Originally Published 1918 )

As soon as one is dressed in the morning, the windows in the bed-room should he opened wide to air the room thoroughly, and the bed-clothes should he removed and put on chairs before the window to air. The night clothing should also he aired. The slops should he emptied, and the chamber should he washed with cold water, using a special cloth. The basin should he washed in warm, soapy water, which should then be poured into the chamber and used for washing it. The toilet articles should he washed, then the basin rinsed and wiped dry. The slop jar should he washed out. thoroughly', and both the slop jar and the chamber should he cleaned frequently with chloride of lime or some other disinfectant. The pitcher should he filled with fresh water, and all the articles arranged neatly on the wash-stand. If the towels are soiled, clean ones should be supplied. The mattress should he turned and the bed made carefully; the lower sheet being tucked under the mattress all around, and the other covers tucked in at the bottom and sides of the bed. The bed should be kept free from wrinkles and smooth in appearance, and the pillows should be well shaken and arranged at the head of the bed. The floor should be swept, the furniture dusted, and everything put in place. The windows should be left partly opened, so that the bed-room may be well aired. Fresh air is always necessary, but especially during sleep, when the body is repairing itself, and it is important that the room should be well aired during the day and the windows left open at night.

When the room is to he thoroughly cleaned, the frame of the bed should he dusted, the mattress turned, and the bed should be made. The window shades should be dusted and rolled up. The curtains should be well shaken and covered, if one has a dust sheet. All the small articles on the bureau, table, and shelf should he placed on the bed, and the whole covered with a sheet. The tables, chairs, and any other movable furniture should be dusted and placed outside the room or covered. The rugs should be rolled and cleaned out-of-doors. The room should be swept and dusted. As soon as the dust has settled, the covers should be removed, and the furniture, rugs, and all the small articles should be restored to their places. The shades should be adjusted, and the room left in perfect order. The broom and everything else that has been used in the work should be cleaned and put back into their places.


It may be possible for the teacher to give this lesson in her own bedroom or in the bed-room of one of the neighbours, If this is not feasible, the only way to make it effective is to have the pupils report each day on the work they do at home.


Illustrate each process and give the reasons for everything that is done. Emphasize the importance of the sanitary care of the bed-room, a regular time for doing the work, and the benefit of having each member of the family care for her own personal belongings and her own portion of the bed-room.

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