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Cost Of Food, Clothing, And House

( Originally Published 1918 )

It is of great importance that children should learn in an elementary way the value of property. This will prepare them for the knowledge of the cost of living that is essential. They should learn that the cost of food can be decreased by having gardens, and by the proper choice, care, and handling of foods; that. taking care of clothing will reduce another item of expense ; and that the owning of one's own house and lot is something worth working for, in order to obviate the necessity of paying rent.


The teacher will have to acquaint herself thoroughly with conditions in the community, so that she can talk intelligently with the pupils, emphasize the right points, and give constructive help.


Begin with a discussion of the cost of food ; how much the pupils earn or spend during the week; and why it is worth while to cook and sew well and to look after property. Continue such discussions from time to time, in connection with other school work.

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