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Washing Dish Towels, Aprons, Etc.

( Originally Published 1918 )

Dish-towels should be thoroughly washed at least once a day. Wash one piece at a time (the cleanest first) in warm, soapy water and rinse in clear water in another pan. Jiang in the sun, if possible, so that the air will pass through. Boil at least once a week in soapy water, to keep them fresh and white. Sunshine and fresh air are valuable for the purposes of bleaching and purifying.

Wash the aprons in hot, soapy water: boil. rinse. and blue slightly. A small amount of thin starch may be desirable. A thin starch may be made as follows:

Recipe for Thin Starch

1 tbsp. starch 1/2 tsp. lard, butter, or paraffin

4 tbsp. cold water 1 qt. boiling water

Add the cold water to the starch and lard, stir until smooth, then add the boiling water slowly, stirring constantly. Boil for several minutes in order to cook the starch thoroughly; then add one pint of cold water and a small amount of blueing. Dilute if necessary.

Hang the articles in the sun to dry, shaking well before putting on the line, and folding the edge of each over at ]east six inches. Be sure to have the line clean. When dry, fold carefully. A short time before ironing, sprinkle well.


It may he desirable to give this lesson earlier in the course, if cooking lessons are being given and dish towels are in use, or if the aprons are badly soiled. ether articles may be washed, if time and facilities permit.


Discuss briefly the need for laundry work and the general principles. Let the pupils take turns at washing the towels or aprons; examine each article after it is washed, and give careful directions for the boiling, blueing, and starching. While these processes are being completed, let some of the pupils prepare the line. Let two of them be appointed to bring the towels in, before going home from school.

Dish Towel Apron

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