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The Question Of The Weed Seeds
The work of the Chickadee, the Nighthawk, the Cuckoo, and the Flicker is only an example of the good being done by at least two-thirds of birds in the United States, and most of the remainder are not without their beneficial qualities.
Dealing With The Rodent Pests
In addition to weeds and insects, there is yet another group of pests, some representatives of which may be found in every neighbourhood.
Civilization's Effect On The Bird Supply
TWELVE hundred kinds of wild birds have been positively identified in North America. About one-third of this number are called sub-species, or climatic varieties.
Effect Of Forest Devastation
Only in a comparatively few cases has bird life suffered from the destruction of forests. In parts of the Middle West the Woodpeckers have no doubt decreased in numbers.
Change Of Nesting Habits
The nesting habits of some birds have been revolutionized by the coming of civilization to the American wilderness.
Traffic In Feathers
THE traffic in the feathers of American birds for the millinery trade began to develop strongly about 1880 and assumed its greatest proportions during the next ten years.
The Story Of The Egrets
The most shameless blot on the history of America's treatment of the wild birds is in connection with the White Egrets.
Ostrich Feathers Are Desirable
How is this deep-seated desire and demand for feathers to be met? Domestic fowls will in part supply it; but for the finer ornaments we must turn to the Ostrich, the only bird in the world which has been domesticated exclusively for its feather product.
Bird Protective Laws
LAWS for the protection of wild birds and animals have been enacted in greater numbers in the United States than in any other country in the world.
History Of Game Laws
When the United States of America became a free and independent nation the lawmakers in various commonwealths soon addressed themselves to the task of enacting protective measures for insuring the continuance of the supply of desirable game birds and animals.
Bird Reservations
THE creation of reservations where wild birds can be protected at all times is a modern idea, brought prominently to public attention by the efforts of the Audubon Society.
Distant Reservations
Once set in motion, this movement for Federal bird reservations soon swept beyond the boundaries of the United States.
The Corkscrew Rookery
Some time ago I visited the warden of this reservation, located in the edge of the Big Cypress Swamp thirty-two miles south of Ft. Myers, Florida.
Making Bird Sanctuaries
THE best place to study wild birds is on a reservation, for there birds have greatly lost their fear of man, and primitive conditions have been largely restored.
Nesting Boxes For Birds
To overcome this difficulty the Audubon Society several years ago began to advocate the erection of suitable nesting boxes, and today the practice is gaining wide usage.
Feeding Birds
Much can be done to bring birds about the home or the schoolhouse by placing food where they can readily get it.
Cemeteries As Bird Sanctuaries
The interest in the subject of bird sanctuaries is growing every day...
Berries And Fruits For Birds
Many native shrubs and bushes grow berries that birds will come far to gather. Look over the following list which Frederick H. Kennard, of Massachusetts, has recommended, and see if you do not think many of them would be decorative additions to the cemetery.
Teaching Bird Study
A LITTLE after six o'clock one July morning on the campus of the University of Tennessee, I stood near the centre of a semi-circle of twenty-five school teachers whose expressions indicated a high state of excitement, and whose fifty eyes were riveted on a scene of slaughter but a few feet from them.
Bird Study Class
The systematic instruction of school children in bird study on a careful scientific basis in a large way really had its origin in May 1910...
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