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A Group Of Wild Flowers
Wildflower Families:
 Dogwood Family

 Orchid Family

 Honeysuckle Family

 Pitcher Plant Family

 Jewel—weed Family

 Water Lily Family

 Water Plantian Family

 Dogbane Family

 Lobelia Family

 Mint Family

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Dogbane Family

( Originally Published 1908 )


DOGBANE. The Dogbane is the typical representative of the Dogbane family. It is beloved of butterflies and is one of the most attractive summer blossoming plants. The flowers are small individually but they are so grouped as to be quite conspicuous against the background of the clean green leaves. The whole plant is full of grace : the stems are smooth and rounded, with glistening bark; the leaves are oval and pointed; the pinkish-white flowers are bell-shaped ; and the long pods which succeed them are slender and decorative. In its structure the blossom is some-what like that of the Milkweed, and insects are often caught and held by the curious device by which the plant effects cross-pollination. These are usually small flies, however; the larger butter-flies are able to extricate themselves from the tiny traps.

In many localities the Dogbane has become a troublesome weed in fields and pastures. Like the closely related Indian Hemp it spreads by long rootstocks as well as by the winged seeds. Both these species are poisonous.

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