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Art Of Singing:


 Classification Of The Voice

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 Breathing Exercises

 Development Of Voice

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 Defective Voices

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Breathing Exercises

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

A singer should be physically strong. Special exercises are advisable, but by no means should they be mixed with the study of voice.

Such exercises should not be practiced within three hours after eating.

Exercise A.

1. Standing erect with arms hanging.

2. Inhale through the nose while lifting the arms so as to bring the hands together above the head when the inhalation is complete.

3. Keep this position from four to ten seconds.

4. Bring arms down while exhaling through mouth.

5. Inhale quickly through the nose.

6. Exhale abruptly through the mouth.

Exercise B.

1. Stand erect with arms extended forward.

2. Take a full breath through the nose.

3. Move the arms backward and again forward, then turn them alternately around like the wings of a windmill.

4. Exhale thorugh the open mouth.

5, 6. As in exercise "A above.

Exercise C.

1. Stand erect with arms extended forward.

2. Inhale fully through the nose.

3. Swing the arms horizontally forward and backward three to six times, while holding breath.

4. Forcibly breathe out through the mouth.

5, 6. As in exercise "A."

Exercise D.

1. Stand erect with hands on the hips.

2. Breathe in deeply and hold the breath.

3. Without moving the legs, lower the bust while breathing out through the mouth.

4. Bend the bust backward while inhaling through the nose.

5. Go back to the standing position while exhaling through the open mouth.

6, 7. Repeat the movement as in 5, 6 of Exercise "A".

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