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( Originally Published 1922 )

It is a useful practice to study ,business and legal forms and the laws governing the officers of corporations. The former may be obtained from various works on business which may be found in the libraries. For the latter I would recommend any one or all of the following

Organization and Management of Business Corporations : Thomas Conyngton.

Incorporation and Management of Corporations : Frank Savidge.

The Law of Building and Loan Associations in Pennsylvania: Jos. H. Sundheim.

Manual for Business Corporation Meetings: Albert S. Bolles.

Corporations : Seymour D. Thompson. Corporations: Clark and Marshall.

Private Corporations in Pennsylvania : Frank M. Eastman.

Cyclopedia of Corporations : William M. Fletcher.

The Order of Business is sometimes called an Agenda, a plural noun used in the singular, meaning, things to be done. Agenda were used at the meetings of the Council of Ten of the Peace Conference in Paris in 1919. Mr. Lansing speaks of them interestingly in the first of his articles The Big Four in the Peace Conference, in The Saturday Evening Post of March 12, 1921.

(Form 1)

The usual order of business is Roll Call

Reading of the Minutes Communications

Report of the President Reports of other Officers Reports of Committees

Deferred Business

New Business


I have before me the report of a certain committee, at the foot of which are thirty-four prepared resolutions for the attention of a Board of Trustees, all of which were discussed and passed at one meeting, with a few slight amendments.

At the final session of the annual meeting of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States on April 29, 1921, at Atlantic City, there were twenty-four resolutions passed as the result of three days' deliberations of its various committees.

(Form 2)



MARCH 21, 1921



a. From Trustees, concerning absence.

b. From Mr. Harrison conveying resignation of Mr. H. L. Carson.

c. From Acting Provost, reporting decision to admit women to course in Fine Arts.

d. From Acting Provost, appointment of two committees on Phipps Institute.

e. From Acting Provost, nomination of Jean B. Bech as Professor of French; also

f. From Dean Pepper, recommendation of Dr. Edward T. Reichert as Emeritus Professor.

g. From Acting Provost reporting meeting of Conference Committee.

h. From Secretary of Associated Pennsylvania Clubs, transmitting resolutions passed at New York meeting.

i. From Faculty Committee on University Policy.

j. President Kiwanis Club of Reading concerning Extension Schools.

k. From Class of 1898 College.

l. From Rev. J. M. Stifler, Chicago, to Provost, concerning University Policy.


a. Committee on Co-Education. ss

b. Committee on Graduate School of Medicine.

c. Committee on Finance and Property.


1. Treasurer's Cash Report (Document C).

1a. Resolutions of thanks to donors.

1b. Approval of Treasurer's investments.

2. Comptroller's Summary of Income Expense and Anticipated Deficit showing deficit of (Document D).

3. Treasurer submits appraisals on various foundation and endowment funds.

4. Report of Gift under the will of J. G. Rosengarten.

5. Report of scholarship fund under the will of Mary E. English.


6. Appropriations recommended to the amount of -----.

7. Appropriation of $20,000 from Duhring Fund for new stack in University Library.

8. Application of special fees in School of Medicine to t h e amount of .... for purchase of apparatus in Dr. Stengel's department.

9. Sum of added to budget of Wharton School for 1921-22 for new graduate course in Business Administration.

9a. Tuition fee Graduate Course in Business Administration

10. Director of Admissions authorized to make financial obligations in connection with special examinations in June.

1Oa.Director to certify to the Comptroller the amounts paid and examination fees received.

11. Annual honorarium to--------to be continued for year 1921-22.

12. Budget of Graduate School of Medicine for 1921-22 approved with anticipated deficit of current expense, and capital account, half of actual deficit to be borne by Managers of the Graduate School Hospitals.

13. Treasurer instructed to merge accretions to Fund which now has a book value of ---.

14. Treasurer authorized to deposit bonds of Zanesville Electric Light and Power Company.

15, 15a, 15b. Treasurer authorized to accept payment of mortgage of $1300 on premises 661 N and to enter satisfaction on the record, and the proper officers empowered to execute papers.

16, 16a. Acceptance by Trustees of a bequest of $500,000 under the will of Helen F. Massey.

17, 17a. Acceptance by Trustees of a gift of $2,000, income to be used in Children's Ward of the University Hospital.

18, 18a. Proposed purchase of properties..

19. Appointment of Anna Ilezanson as Assistant Director of Industrial Research, Wharton School.

19a. $450 transferred from budget of Geography and Industry to Department of Industrial Research.

20. Tuition fee in Music Course No. 1 fixed at $200.

21. Tuition fee in Music Course No. 2 fixed at $175.

22. Tuition fee Special Course in Science of Painting fixed at $100.

23. Authorization of annual salary of to the proposed Professor of Political Science.

24, 24a. Treasurer authorized to sell municipal bonds and invest in Liberty bonds, and proper officers authorized to execute papers.

25. Acting Provost authorized to effect change in Office of Admissions.

26. Promotions of two Assistant Professors of Mathematics.

27. Proposed regulation concerning scholar-ship fund.

28. Treasurer authorized to borrow


Proposed amendment to Statutes, Section 12, Paragraph 2.

Nominations for Honorary Degrees.


(Form 8)


The minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors (or) Executive Committee (or) Finance Committee (or) other Committee, held were read and, upon motion duly made and seconded, they were approved (or) approved as corrected (if corrected).

(Form 4)

Mr. A. moved : That ........................ ........................

Seconded by Mr. B. and carried,

(Form 5) Mr. A. moved : That... .

Seconded by Mr. B. and carried (or) unanimously carried.

(Form 6)

It was moved by Mr. A., seconded by Mr. B., and carried : That

(Form 7)

Upon motion of Mr. A., seconded by Mr. B., the following resolution was carried: That ................................

(Form 8)

Mr. A. moved, Mr. B. seconded and it was carried (or) unanimously carried: That

(Form 9)

The following motion (or) resolution was made, duly seconded and carried: That

(Form 10)

It was moved, seconded and carried (or) unanimously carried, that (or) : That

(Form 11)

It was moved, seconded and the motion was carried (or) unanimously carried, that (or) : That

(Form 12)

On motion duly made and seconded, it was resolved, that ----. On motion duly made and seconded,


(Form 13)

On motion made and duly seconded, it was resolved (or) IT WAS RESOLVED: That

(Form 14)

Upon motion, duly made and seconded and by the affirmative vote of all present, the following resolution was adopted : That ---.

(Form 15)

It was moved, seconded and unanimously RESOLVED : That

(Form 16)

The subject having been fully discussed, the following resolution was adopted (or) unanimously adopted : That

(Form 17)

Whereupon, after full discussion, (or) after due consideration it was moved, seconded and unanimously RESOLVED: That

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