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Land Cruising - Prospecting:
 Introduction To Land Cruising

 Land Cruising And Prospecting

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 Corner Marks

 Points For Homesteaders

 Prospecting For Gold, Etc.

 Sampling Ore

 How To Locate A Claim

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Introduction To Land Cruising

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

TO the men who follow the compass, the trap and the trail this work is inscribed. It is not intended for the "Professors" who can tell you all about things after they are done (by somebody else). Gen. Grant once had an old bridge builder who was superintendent of his bridge building. Grant had to cross his army over a river, sending for his Superintendent of Bridges, who was a very practical old Irishman, he told him what he wanted and that the plans would be made ready by the engineer corps in a few days and for Pat to have his men ready. Sending for Pat a few days after, he told him that the plans were ready. Pat's reply was that the bridge was done, whether the plans were or not.

This little book is intended for the "Pats" the men who "Do Things."

I would like to say to the readers of this little work that in late- years I have met a great many men who wish for the knowledge contained in this book and, inasmuch as it is a subject not taught in schools, and I have tried to find books on this subject; I have searched libraries and publishers' lists, also looked in stores and have not been able to find anything on land cruising and nothing of any practical use to the prospector in the field, all confusing terms and words have been avoided.

This book is intended for a class of men I have met who wish to obtain homesteads but lack the land cruiser knowledge of finding them and usually em-ploy a high-priced surveyor who perhaps knows little more about it than the man himself, or he falls into the hands of a land shark. Land is not so -easy to find now as it used to be. There are not whole counties of good land for one to go into and grab what he wants, but there are lots of nice pieces of unoccupied land where one can pick out a nice little farm and home, if he only knows how, and there is no reason whatever why a man with this work and a good compass and map cannot do so if he has the average horse sense. We consider this work cheap to any man for $5.0o and no apologies to make.

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Milwaukee, Wis.

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