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The Art Of Make-Up:
 Evolution Of "make-up"

 What Is "make-up?"

 Individuality Submerged In A Clever "make-up"

 Application And Removal Of "make-up"

 Fundamental Rules

 In The Dressing Room

 Optical Influence And Delusion Through Lighting Effects

 The Make-up Box

 The Hair

 Beards And Mustaches

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The Make-up Box

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The make-up box should contain :

Grease paint, flesh colors.—They are the fundamental colors of the skin and depend upon the race, age, temperament, and condition of health of a person, etc. These being used for ground work, must be applied before my detail work is started. They come in several shades.

Grease paint, special colors.—Then are used to give the face the special charactristics de-sired. The make-up box should conta n the following

White, which will serve for high lighting of wrinkles, nose and chin, chin bones, etc. Black, used to underline the eye:.

Red, carmine, used in the corners of the eye; also to obtain other special effect

Dark red or brown, used in the wrinkles. Blue, used for sinking the eyes, imitating an unshaved beard, etc.

Red for the lips.—There are a number of kinds of "red" on the market for the lips. It also comes in different shades. Bui the best quality obtainable should be used.

Dry carmine (red) .—This is use 1 by the women more than the men in dry make -up, especaily for concerts. Very often it is applied on finished make-up for special effects.

Mascaro.—This is a special preparation to change the color of the hair, beard, etc. It is easy to wash off, and is guaranteed harmless.

Nose putty (Nasen kit) .—This can be bought already made and serves to change the contours of the nose and cheeks.

Crępe Hair.—This is a German invention and serves in the making of beards, mustaches and eyebrows. It comes in all the shades necessary to make-up.

Mustache paste.—This is used to hide the mustache, if you have one.

Spirit Gum.—This is a preparation used to apply the beards. It seems that adhesia is more in favor in the United States, as it has superior sticking qualities. Adhesia can be purchased in tubes.

Scissors.—It is very important that the make-up box should contain two or three pairs of scissors: two pairs of ordinary scissors and one pair of manicure scissors. They are very necessary in adjusting artificial beards and whiskers.

Powder.—Powder comes in different shades, and must be in harmony with general fundamental color. The make-up is never complete unless it has had a generous application of powder. The make-up box should have three or four fundamental shades of powder. The necessary colors can be obtained by the proper mixing of them.

Powder Puffs.—Every box of powder should have its own puff. Be cautious not to ruin the puffs with grease paints (colors).

Soft Brush.—This brush should be similar to the ones used on babies. It is used to remove superficial powder from the face.

Liquid Powder.—This is used to whiten the hands, neck, etc.

Rabbit Foot.—A very primitive instrument, but serves best in applying rouge and powder.

Soft Paper.—Waste linen, cotton, etc., to be used for removing make-up.

Pure Alcohol.

Cologne Water.

Soap.—Always of the same kind; use only the best quality.


Humps, for making wrinkles with, etc. Pins.—Safety pins in different sizes.

The Mirror.—Do not depend upon the mirror the theater offers you. Have your own with three sides. A magnifying mirror is liso very helpful in drawing details.

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