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The Art Of Make-Up:
 Evolution Of "make-up"

 What Is "make-up?"

 Individuality Submerged In A Clever "make-up"

 Application And Removal Of "make-up"

 Fundamental Rules

 In The Dressing Room

 Optical Influence And Delusion Through Lighting Effects

 The Make-up Box

 The Hair

 Beards And Mustaches

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In The Dressing Room

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Your entire make-up utensils should be in front of your looking glass, and always within reach. Dress the lower part of your body in the costume you are going to wear before you begin the make-up. This will leave only the upper part of yourself to be dressed after your face is made up. A coat or duster similar to that worn by a painter is suggested ; also the spreading of a clean towel or cloth across the knees to avoid soiling by the occasiona L dropping of grease paint or powder.

Smoothness of the skin is very desirable when tights are worn or stockings are vis ble, there-fore, to avoid wrinkles, only speci Illy made underwear should be worn. Somet mes extra made woolen or worsted undertights may be used.

Male performers should avoid passe immediately after shaving. It smarts the skin and may have lasting detrimental consequences.

Be cautious and take into consideration the age, character and social position of the part you play. Stage lights and the dimensions of the hall must be borne in mind. Make-up and costume must harmonize with environment.

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