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Application And Removal Of "Make-Up"

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Application.—Preliminary to applying "make-up," self-protection comes into consideration. Never fail first to cover the face or my other part that is to be made up with a nor poisonous grease substance, such as:

Vaseline Cocoanut butter

Lanoline Glycerine etc. Cold Cream

By following this simple, precaution you have safeguarded your skin by covering the perspiring pores with a, so to speak, preservative. This fundamental grease must be applied in moderate quantity, as it may otherwise prove mpossible to keep the make-up colors intact wt ile on the stage. An exaggerated use of the g rease will make the ground or flesh color too wet and consequently exclude adhesiveness. Premature aging, especially in facial lines of stagefolk, is, in most instances, on account of faulty treatment of the make-up material in its application.

The nose is always the starting poin t. Beginning at this facial organ, in a circular movement all make-up should be applied. This being the well-known facial massage gesture, its constant use in the application. of make-up will surely promote the appearance of facial lines and will eliminate the unnecessary exciting of the face muscles and the skin, always leaving the way open for the destruction of the bloom of youth.

The use of the right kind of soap, though it may seem a small matter, is one of extreme im-portance. Highly scented or perfumed soaps are usually manufactured from animal fats. The use of such soaps should be avoided. Glycerine, boric, thymole, lanoline or vaseline soaps are the most desirable. However, it is advisable to select just one kind and use that continuously in everyday as well as professional life.

This alone for the ladies:

Avoid dry, artificial preparations when off the stage. The ingredients composing such are invariably injurious and will only irritate the skin.

Make-up colors and all paraphernalia should be kept immaculately clean to prevent dust or dirt from marring the make-up. Clean top of tube or jar with a clean piece of soft paper before, as well as after, using. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

The foregoing paragraphs have explained some very vital points in the correct application of make-up. Particular attention has been directed to the possible detrimental effects the non-observance of fundamental rules may have upon the skin. No less care must be taken with the removal of make-up in order to insure a beautiful and healthy skin.

Removal :

1. Use the same grease, but this time in liberal abundance.

2. Apply this very gently, avoid even the least pressure on the skin and wipe off with cotton, silk paper or any other inexpensive fabric which may be indiscriminately discarded. Make-t p ruins towels.

3. Repeat the first operation, but in smaller quantity, several times if necessary, until the make-up is completely off yo Ir face. Each time use a clean "wiper."

4. Hot water is the next cleaning agent, never cold water. Use the soap to which you have become accustomed an i preferably a soft sponge or camel's hair brush should be used.

5. After the washing, a little eau de cologne (no perfume) or alcohol should be diluted with water (hot) and applied.

6. Finish off by dusting liberally with a soft talcum, unscented, either boric or pure rice powder.

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