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The Art Of Make-Up:
 Evolution Of "make-up"

 What Is "make-up?"

 Individuality Submerged In A Clever "make-up"

 Application And Removal Of "make-up"

 Fundamental Rules

 In The Dressing Room

 Optical Influence And Delusion Through Lighting Effects

 The Make-up Box

 The Hair

 Beards And Mustaches

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Individuality Submerged In A Clever "Make-Up"

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

A painter who, as if by magic, give ; a reproduction with his brush of most any thing the eye perceives, must first know the laws of proportion, the art of designing, and must cultivate observation and application long before he learns the blending of colors into shades that rival nature itself. For stagefolk to be real an I transmit the impression of reality to the audience, they must learn to study the different types one encounters in every-day life. Observe the facial characteristics, the varying emotional types, re-member the changes of the face they would mimic. Analyze the human soul, its innermost feelings and how these feelings change visibly face and body. Every one possesses the gift of observation; develop it and progress will be apparent in the fidelity to nature of your "make-up." Your memory is a storehouse where you may domicile, mentally, many different characters who cross your path in your private life, and when you are called upon to portray a certain character, search your mental storehouse and bring forth the person you saw in real life who would answer the very description of the part you are about to perform behind the footlights. It is not your lines correctly spoken that contribute to the first impression on the audience, it is your individuality effaced or submerged in a clever make-up that will satisfy the imagination of the spectators to the extent of seeing be-fore them only the character which you are im-personating. Avoid the mistake of making a geographical landscape of your face; but remain true to nature, using only such "make-up" as will offer a perfect live painting or personal reproduction of the specific character portrayed to your audience.

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