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The Art Of Make-Up:
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 Imitation Of Effects Produced By Sicknesses

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Imitation Of Effects Produced By Sicknesses

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Tuberculosis.—Pale lips, pale face, a little red color on the cheek bones, showing feverish condition, with eyes sunken with gray blue.

Madness.-The face must be red, disorderly hair, enlarged eyes. After an attack, the face is pale, lips white, and the eyes tired.

Drunkenness.—The nose and ears are red, eyes tired, eyelids drooping, and the hair and costume in complete disorder.

Idiocy.—Portrayed by good mimicry. The make-up should be marked by a contrast, for instance, make the eyes gay and the corners of the lips drooped or vice versa.

Imitation of wounds.—In the place where the wound should appear, trace a red line or spot, then, underneath it, a white one.

To have the wound appear immediately after being wounded the actor must have a concealed small sponge wet in carmine, diluted in alcohol or water, and at a certain moment press it to the desired spot.

Drops of blood are imitated with red grease paint.

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