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The Art Of Make-Up:
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 Youth, Maturity, Old Age

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Youth, Maturity, Old Age

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

(Also see separate paragraph on features)

At every age the face of a woman is whiter, sweeter, less wrinkled and more harmonious than the face of a man.

In the make-up of youth, the skin must have a healthy, white-rosy appearance. Therefore, it is necessary to apply several spots of youth flesh ground color to the face and to distribute it with the fingers (observe the rules governing the application of make-up).

When necessary, put the wig on, and blend or dress the hair.

A beard or whiskers, when used, should be applied before the groundwork.

Apply red to the cheeks and blend it with the skin.

Avoid wrinkles. Apply powder. Fix the eyes, eyelids and eyebrows. Make up the lips. Whiten the hands, make your nails rosy, etc.

Maturity.—When beards, whiskers artificial noses, cheeks, eyebrows, chins, etc., requiring adhesia to hold them in place, are used, they must be attended to first. Then all necesary wrinkles of the face. Next, put on the wig , blending it with your groundwork. Then nake the wrinkles of the forehead, eyes and mou ;h. Apply powder (dark color). Make up the hands.

Extremely Old Age.—During the performance, the make-up of old age must be changed according to the passing of time. If the make-up does not need any radical changes just give attention to the most prominent lines, such as wrinkles, eyebrows and lips. Powder i requently, as this tends to alleviate perspiration

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