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The Art Of Make-Up:
 Paddings (stuffings)

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Paddings (stuffings)

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Paddings handicap the freedom of movement and are advised only when absolutely necessary.

For instance, great skill is required in making the paddings when singing a rôle like "Falstaff," where every part, beginning with the face, must be padded.

The paddings should be ordered from a theatrical costumer and shall be made to fit that part of the body for which they are intended. Ladies frequently use inflated busts 'hen it is necessary that the chest appear larger. Corsets are used when it is desired to appear slender nder, but the singer, if not accustomed to wear ng them, should avoid them as much as possibl from a vocal point of view.

The padding of the chest is used in portraying energetic characters. The stomach is padded when playing comic parts. The back s padded when portraying hunchbacks, etc.

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