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The Art Of Make-Up:
 Evolution Of "make-up"

 What Is "make-up?"

 Individuality Submerged In A Clever "make-up"

 Application And Removal Of "make-up"

 Fundamental Rules

 In The Dressing Room

 Optical Influence And Delusion Through Lighting Effects

 The Make-up Box

 The Hair

 Beards And Mustaches

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What Is "Make-Up?"

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The facial lines disclose to the eyes of the keen observer the character inherent in us. This fact in itself explains best what "make-up" really is—its intention and purpose. The profession of the people behind the footlights is invariably to be what they are not in private life. In other words, stagefolk, whether playing on vaudeville, legitimate or operatic stage, come nearer to the resurrection theory than anything the widest imagination can dream. They impersonate characters that may have existed only in the versatile brain of a fiction writer or that were perhaps brought to the limelight by a few drops from the goosequill of an ancient historian arousing the sensation-eager public to the heroic deeds of a Chesterfieldian knight. At any rate, the successful per-former is called upon to interpret the facial and temperamental characteristics of subjects whom nature, from a physical and emotional point of view, has endowed differently from his own person.

Make-up is symbolical of outward ex pressions of character; therefore, it is necessary to give a precise portrayal of the intended impersonation by changing the facial lines or nature- bestowed mask before a thought to the required mimicry can be given.

The art of "make-up" is a decorative in of the very highest degree which if studied on a scientific basis enables the adept to transforn face and body for the creation of a type as intended by its creator and that is entirely acceptable to the audience either at a close or distant poi at of observation. The ability to convey the impression of reality to the audience should be the aim of every performer.

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