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The Art Of Make-Up:
 The Forehead

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 The Cheeks

 The Nose

 The Mouth

 The Teeth

 The Chin

 The Neck

 The Arms, Hands, Fingers And Nails

 The Feet And Legs

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The Arms, Hands, Fingers And Nails

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The Arms.—The arms of men are seldom ex-posed. When necessary (like Mephisto in prologue) the muscles should be brought out with high lights and shadows. Follow the construction of muscles precisely. The veins of the arms are drawn in blue or dark gray. In parts where the color of the whole face and the arms must be changed, special preparations should be used for the arms also (see another paragraph).

The Hands.—The make-up of the hands must be studied according to the age, social character, and profession of the character portrayed, and must be in perfect harmony with the rest of the make-up. To make the hands appear whiter, liquid powder is used in juvenile make-up. Concert singers should also use th s preparation.

Slender hands are obtained by working according to anatomical directions of high lights and shadows. In making up aged hands, observe the rules governing the make-up of wrinkles.

The Fingers.—The fingers are a ade to appear longer by sinking the space between the knuckles well up on the hands. Fa Ise fingers, made of cotton in the form of cones dipped in adhesia, then applied to the fingers, will still better serve the purpose. Slender, skinny, thin fingers are obtained by sinking the space between them.

The Nails.—The nails should be attended to by a manicurist, especially when on the concert platform. They should have a rosy color, which can be obtained with special manicure preparations.

The nails of Mephisto, or of witche are made of stiff paper cut in the proper shape and pasted to the human nail.

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