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The Art Of Make-Up:
 The Forehead

 The Eyes, Eyelashes, Eyebrows

 The Cheeks

 The Nose

 The Mouth

 The Teeth

 The Chin

 The Neck

 The Arms, Hands, Fingers And Nails

 The Feet And Legs

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The Neck

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The make-up of the neck should always be in harmony with that of the face. In playing parts where the neck is covered by the co lar of the costume, make-up is unnecessary. In Portraying the part of old age, the veins must be made prominent. The veins are made up with dark gray or dark blue, with the aid of high lights. It is important that the actor familiarize himself with the anatomical position of the veins. Placing "Adam's apple" a little lower than its nor-mal position (which is done by marking a white spot surrounded by a ring of brown or dark red) will make the neck look longer. However, singers should not exaggerate in this displace-ment, as the Adam's apple is a very movable spot in singing, and exaggeration would cause it to look artificial.

Always observe the back of your neck before leaving the dressing room, to make certain there is no hair showing below the wig.

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