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The Art Of Make-Up:
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The Chin

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Transforming the chin by artificial means to suit a certain character is rather difficult. Be-cause of the constant moving of the lower jaw, ordinary putty is not practicable, as the gestures would loosen it long before the termination of the act.

A better way is to order a chin made by the theatrical coiffeur (Frisseur) to harmonize with the mask. This chin can be applied with a coating of adhesia.

The chin can be enlarged by tracing a short white line in the middle of it; diminished, with the aid of dark red or brown. A rosy chin makes the face appear younger. Slightly covering the chin with gray blue will cause the face to appear older, and give the impression of being unshaved.

A perpendicular line drawn in the middle of the chin with dark red or brown portrays a strong, energetic character. If we wish to believe what the physiognomists say, a round chin with a dimple in it indicates benevolence, kindness and courtesy. A pointed chin exaggeratedly prolonged and projecting for' yard, indi-cates hypocrisy and astuteness. A retreating chin indicates silliness. A flat chin indicates avarice and coldness a hard nature. A small chin indicates weakness. A soft, fat, double chin is a sign of indolence ; love of sensual pleasure.

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