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The Art Of Make-Up:
 The Forehead

 The Eyes, Eyelashes, Eyebrows

 The Cheeks

 The Nose

 The Mouth

 The Teeth

 The Chin

 The Neck

 The Arms, Hands, Fingers And Nails

 The Feet And Legs

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The Teeth

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

An even, white set of teeth will always prove a great asset to one's general appearance. When playing juvenile parts, particular care should be taken that the teeth are white, which may be obtained through the use of special white enamel which will whiten even badly discolored teeth. This enamel will keep the teeth white through an entire performance.

To affect a missing tooth several simple methods may be employed. One of the teeth may be painted with email noir (black enamel), or a piece of black wax may be worked in the palm of the hand until soft, then used to cover the tooth. Still another way to turn the trick is to use black grease paint, or to fasten black court-plaster to the gums.

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