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The Nose

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The nose is a very prominent part of the face. As it is a delineator either of beauty or ugliness, it must be well attended to when making-up. The physiognomists claim that the form of a nose is in strict rapport with the character of a person. In it lies one of the chief characteristics of the countenance.

A perfect nose is equal in length to the fore-head.

Baughan so describes the nose in relation to character:

A nose that is arched from its starting point between the eyes shows capability of command, energy.

A very prominent nose like that of the beak of a parrot, with a narrow brow and a retreating chin, indicates stupidity; obstinacy.

A straight nose indicates painstaking; creativeness.

An arched nose with a broad back (Roman) indicates force of character.

A nose bending downward is a sign of sadness or melancholic temperament.

A snub nose (short in proportion to the brow and with a round fleshy tip) indicates a coarse, common nature.

A turned-up nose shows vivacity, jealousy, impudence and petulance.

Slightly and delicately turned-up nose shows willfulness and coquetry.

Dilated nostrils indicate passion in love. Semi-dilated nostrils show melancholy, timidity and pessimistic character.

Round nostrils are a sign of animal instincts and low individuality.

To change the contour of the nose, it is necessary to resort to the use of nose putty (nasenkit). Nose putty, like clay, can be molded into all the desired shapes, and must be applied on a perfectly dry, grease-free skin. Nose putty has adhesive qualities, but a little coating with adhesia will strengthen the application. Sometimes a nose made out of nose putty can be used several times, providing care is taken when removing it. However, this would be a very small economy. An artificial nose must )e thoroughly covered with ground color.

Theatrical wigmakers have different kinds of ready-made artificial noses. They may be good, but are not generally favored by the artists.

A white line drawn on the bridge of the nose will make it look more prominent.

A dark brown line will give just the contrary effect.

Studies from life and in galleries are a ivisable.


The ear is of a rosy color in normal healthy persons. It is an immovable part of the physiognomy and its form can be changed only by applying artificial ears. They are so seldom used on the singing stage that it is ne t considered necessary to devote any space to them. Nevertheless, the make-up of the ear hould be kept in harmony with the rest of the make-up. The use of high and low lights is all that is necessary. Gypsies, ladies, and, sometimes, seamen, as well as savages, use earrings.

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