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The Art Of Make-Up:
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The Cheeks

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The cheeks can be diminished or en larged.

To enlarge the cheeks and make the face appear fuller, some people use nose putty. Personally, I do not advise it. The cheek s expressive and a very movable part of the fac Under these circumstances, nose putty will not adhere sufficiently.

Ready-made cheeks are obtainable i rom theatrical wigmakers, and can be app] ied with adhesia. They are much more pract cal than the ones improvised from nose putty.

A white spot in the center of the ch ek, with a delicate application of brown or dark colors at the edges, will produce an enlarged effect.

Some actors, not singers, hold pieces of cork or cotton in their mouth, thereby enlarging the cheek.

Rouge is mostly always applied on the cheeks. Avoid overdoing.

Sadness, melancholy and trouble make the cheeks hollow. On the contrary, good spirits, satisfaction and joy preserve their harmony.

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