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The Forehead

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The forehead is a very expressive part of the body, and, in order not to make a mistake, it is well to study all the wrinkles and forms that the skin may take and to apply the colors in accordance with nature, which is tracing direction and form.

In changing the form of the ford head, specially made, padded wigs are sometimes used, but as their front covers all the expressive parts of the forehead they are not always advisable.

The joining line where the wig meets the skin must be well shaded out by groundwork. And only after the forehead is completey covered with ground color, should you begin to make the wrinkles. Any exaggerations will result in a poor effect. Forms and dir ctions of wrinkles vary according to the formation of the brow and the passions or expressions producing them.

Lavater thinks that:

A low, small, retreating forehead ndicates a low intellect.

A projecting forehead, dominating the whole face, indicates dull intellect.

A perpendicular forehead,. well rounded at the temples, with straight and well de fined eye-brows, indicates power of understanding and concentration.

An arched forehead, full at the temples, is a sign of sweetness.

A forehead with sharp projecting eyebrows indicates acute intellect.

A wrinkled forehead, high or narrow, shows weakness of will power.

A forehead with angular and knotty protuberances shows vigor of mind, oppressive activity and perseverance.

A forehead having perpendicular wrinkles between the eyes indicates thought, concentration.

A forehead having horizontal wrinkles indi-cates weakness, anger and laziness.

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