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 Beards And Mustaches

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Beards And Mustaches

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

There is not the least doubt that experience is the best teacher when it comes to making beards and mustaches. Therefore, it is advisable to make many practical studies of the subject.

The above figure indicates clearly the progressive way of applying a beard or mustache. The first piece of crępe hair must be applied under the chin and must be strongly pressed with a towel. Then, piece by piece, cover the entire face, using the scissors to give the necessary form (scissors should not be used in preparing the crępe hair) . The edges of the beard must be smuttered out (shade the edges), so as to cover the spot where the beard was applied.

Whiskers, which are always of a color slightly lighter than the beard, are applied last. They should not be cut in the middle but tied with a piece of string, or, preferably, with the same crępe hair. Whiskers should be shaped with the aid of the fingers, then with scissors when necessary. To hold the hair together and obtain the necessary shape, hot irons can sometimes be used successfully. Also any kind of fixatoire or whiskers' pomade is of service. Frequently actors design whiskers on the face. It is my opinion that this is synonymous to laziness. Ready-made mustaches from theatrical wig-makers are highly recommended.

Beards can also be bought ready made. They are made on a form of gauze foundation and should fit the face perfectly. This kind of a beard is inconvenient for the singer as it ham-pers the freedom of movement of the lower jaw, which is so important in singing, to a great ex-tent. However, if the beard is not too large and is applied on the chin only, this inconvenience is considerably reduced.

Beards and mustaches on wire are not advisable for the serious actor or singer. For quick changes, as in "Faust," they . are necessary. Wire frames and elastics should by no means be allowed to hamper the motions of the face.

When it is necessary to cover one's own whiskers or small beard, it is advisable to soap the hair flat and cover it with ground or flesh color grease.

How to Handle Crępe Hair.—Comb out the necessary quantity from the whole piece. Avoid the use of scissors as much as possible, as they are bound to complicate the naturalness. Work it into the desired shape, and then apply as heretofore indicated. Practice is absolutely necessary.

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