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Good Health and Bad Medicine:
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 High Blood Pressure



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High Blood Pressure

( Originally Published 1940 )

HIGH blood pressure, or "hypertension," is a condition in which the blood pressure is raised above normal. Note that we say condition, and not disease. Hypertension is not a specific disease like pneumonia. There is no serum or drug available that has any permanent effect on it. General hygienic measures, adequate rest, appropriate occupation and mental therapy constitute the accepted and effective methods of treatment.

Operative procedures for the treatment of high blood pressure are practical in some of the large clinics in this country. These procedures are so new, however, that a definite statement about their value cannot be made at this time. In the hands of particularly skilled neuro-surgeons, at least temporary relief has been achieved in severe cases.

Tablets containing garlic are the most commonly advertised remedies for high blood pressure. Medical science recognizes no property in garlic that has the slightest therapeutic effect on the blood pressure.

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