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Kidney And Bladder Trouble

( Originally Published 1940 )

KIDNEY disease and bladder trouble can rarely be relieved even temporarily by a patent medicine. Both kidney and bladder are subject to many different diseases, having many different causes. Not one of these maladies can be cured by any single drug or combination of drugs available to the public.

"Bladder irritability" (disturbance in urination characterized either by excessive frequency of urination during the day or night, or by pain just before, during, or immediately after urination) is not caused by "excess acid" or "poisons in the system," as patent medicine advertisements might lead one to suppose. They can be caused by local disease of the urinary passages such as gonorrhea, cystitis or stones; by an enlarged prostate, bacterial infections of the bladder or kidney; or by constitutional or general disorders such as diabetes and heart disease. The danger of treating symptoms having so many different and serious causes by oil capsules, tablets, drugs or "alkalizing" drugs is obvious.

Backache is a symptom usually associated in drug advertising with kidney and bladder trouble. Chronic backache is often due to disease of kidneys or bladder, as is lumbago. But it is also at least as often caused by disease of the spine, uterus, general infections or nervous disorders.

Many kidney and bladder disorders require dietetic and hygienic measures for control. Some are relieved or cured by appropriate use of certain drugs. These drugs, however, are useful only if properly administered by a competent physician. There is no advertised medicine which contains any useful drug for the treatment of kidney diseases. Most of them contain inert materials, oils, laxative salts, or alkaline salts such as bicarbonate of soda. Many contain drugs (such as oil of turpentine in Haarlem Oil Capsules) which actually irritate the kidneys and bladder. All must be condemned because they either give a false sense of security, cause delay in adequate medical treatment of ailments that are usually serious, or actually aggravate the disorder by the effect of irritating drugs.


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