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French Literature Of The 19th Century:
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( Originally Published Early 1900's )

In the fifth decade of the Century there was somewhat of a reaction against the Romanticists, which was called the School of Common Sense. Its nominal leader was François Ponsard, but Emile Augier (1820-1889) de-serves, perhaps, the chief place. He was born at Valence and was intended for the bar, but became a dramatic writer. His first play, "Cigue" (Hemlock), was a sentimental picture of old Greek life. It was first acted in 1844, and is still occasionally produced. In 1849 Augier departed from the practice of the Romanticists in his "Gabrielle." Here, in the usual complication of husband, wife, and lover, he was bold enough to make the husband the hero. It won for the author a prize from the Academy. Several other plays of unimpeachable morality followed, and in 1855 as a protest against the younger Dumas' famous play, "La Dame aux Camelias," known in English as "Camille," Augier brought out the "Mariage d'Olympe." A comedy written in collaboration with Jules Sandeau, "Le Gendre de M. Poirier" (M. Poirier's Son-in-Law),has been pronounced, perhaps, the best French comedy of the Century. Other comedies, clean and wholesome, helped to make Augier the foremost of French dramatists; and warranted his election to the Academy. After the German war he endeavored to stir the patriotism of his countrymen, and then returned to his usual style.

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