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Famous Women:
 Madame De Maintenon

 Mary The Mother Of Washington

 Maria Theresa

 Catherine Ii

 Marie Antoinette




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( Originally Published Early 1900's )


We have had two women to thoroughly detest Cleopatra and Maintenon evil were the days that bore them. We have seen one lion-heart, Joan of Arc and have divested her portrayal of much literary rubbish in order to see her as she was, the bravest woman in our records. We have studied, as closely as space would permit, the careers of two really great women Isabella and Maria Theresa, and in this class Queen Elizabeth and Catherine II follow, but at respectful intervals behind. Two women, Aspasia and Christina, were mental women they pondered and exalted the glory of their sex in that direction. Two women influenced their sons Cornelia and Mary the Mother of Washington. Of Ayesha, we can speak in admiration of her courage, which was little less than Joan's. The saddest, and by far the most dramatic story is Marie Antoinette's; the most frivolous, Josephine's; the most prosaic, Victoria's. The one that is mythical is Judith's, but some interest in the myths of the early world has led us to believe that the tale, merely as a tale, has high historical value to him who desires to peer further into the prehistoric actions of mankind. Of one thing the reader may be assured the heroines of this book are unequivocally Famous Women of the World.

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