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English Literature Of The 19th Century:
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 George Macdonald

 Richard Doddridge Blackmore

 William Black

 Hall Caine

 Sir Walter Besant

 Thomas Hardy

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 Robert Louis Stevenson

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William Black

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The Scotch Highlands and the rocky islands to the West are the region which William Black has made familiar by several fine stories, but he is quite as much at home in London drawing-rooms. He was born at Glasgow in 1841 and went to London in 1864. In 1875 he gave up journalism for fiction, in which he had already made some ventures. His first really successful novel was "A Daughter of Heth" (1871), in which a gay Southern girl, full of innocent wiles, is sadly bewildered and tragically misunderstood by the grim, sober folk among whom she has thoughtlessly been lured. In the "Princess of Thule," the proud and beautiful heroine by her feminine witchery and skill in sailing, captivates the summer tourist. "The Strange Adventures of a Phaeton" (1872) describes a tour through Great Britain, interweaving a love-story. "White Wings" (188o) is a yachting romance. "Shan-don Bells" (1883) is an Irish story, telling the struggles of a literary man. Black is an enthusiastic lover of out-door sports, of fly-fishing, yachting, and deer-stalking, and describes all these in his stories. He is equally skillful in delineating the wild scenery of rocky islands, the grandeur of sunsets, the terrors of ocean storms, and the melancholy temperament and peculiar humor of the Highland chief and clansmen.

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