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Henry Drummond

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

In the borderland of literature between science and religion no writer has obtained more readers than Henry Drummond. He was born at Stirling, Scotland, in 1851, and was educated at the University of Edinburgh and at the Free Church Divinity Hall. During his course at the latter he was an active assistant to Messrs. Moody and Sankey in their evangelistic tour in Great Britain and Ireland. On being ordained he was appointed to a mission chapel in Malta, but in 1877 was made professor of natural science in the Free Church College at Glasgow, where he also took charge of a mission church. During one of his vacations he made a geological expedition to the Rocky Mountains with Professor Geikie. His lectures and other addresses furnished his "Natural Law in the Spiritual World" (1883), but before it was published he had gone on a journey to the heart of Africa. The brilliant presentation of new views of the old spiritual truths gave the work immediate success. Drummond returned to take up religious work among college students, and later in its behalf visited Australia. In 1893 he traveled through the United States, addressing college students and lecturing in the large cities. Several of these addresses, as "The Greatest Thing in the World," "Pax Vobiscum," were widely circulated. "The Ascent of Man" (1893) is an able reply to extreme Darwinian views, showing that nature includes struggle for others as well as for self. Another publication was "Tropical Africa," which gives the clearest view of the condition of that region yet published. Africa, however, had implanted the seeds of disease in his system and the brave, hard-working Christian professor after two years of struggle with ill health, died in March, 1897.

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