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Alexander William Kinglake

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The prodigious scale on which modern history is often constructed is exemplified in Kinglake's "History of the Crimean War," which occupies seven volumes, though the war lasted but two years. Alexander William Kinglake (1811-1890) was educated at Eton and Cambridge. His travels in the Levant furnished material for "Eothen" (1844), a gem of literary art. His rollicking adventures were related in a lively, humorous style, smart and sometimes flippant. Kinglake was elected to Parliament, but was never prominent as a member. From love of adventure he visited the Crimea during the war and received kindness from Lord Raglan, which he abundantly repaid.

At the request of Raglan's family he undertook the history and then made most careful study of all the details of the war. Accounts of these he arranged in the most orderly fashion, so that an affair of ten minutes may be spread over seventy pages. A volume is given to the battle of Inkermann. His partiality toward Lord Raglan and other British generals is offset by his prejudice against Napoleon III and the French commanders, yet he is full of admiration for the Russian defender of Sebastopol, Todleben. His style is too brilliant for history, and the entire work was condemned by Matthew Arnold as an example of British bad taste.

Samuel Rawson Gardiner, born in 1829, was professor of modern history in King's College, London. He devoted himself especially to the history of the Seventeenth Century, and has published the "History of England from the Accession of James I to the Restoration" (12 vols). Apart from this he has published an excellent "Student's History of England" and several books describing epochs and characters of the period of his chief work.

Justin McCarthy, born at Cork, Ireland, in 1830, has been an active politician and journalist, and has written some novels of merit. His chief historical work is "A History of Our Own Time" (1879-97), notable for its fairness in treating political questions still in dispute. The success of this work led him to write a "History of the Four Georges" (1889) and a "History of Ireland," which show the same excellent qualities.

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