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John Lingard

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Turning now to the history of England itself, the earliest name encountered is that of John Lingard (1771-1851). His "History of England" has been praised by critics of all classes for its accuracy and fairness, in spite of his professional predilections and prejudices. He was a Roman Catholic priest, having been educated at the English college at Douay and at Crook Hall near Durham. He was professor of philosophy at Ushaw, but in 1811 withdrew to Hornby, where he composed his history. In 1817 he visited Rome to make researches in the Vatican Library, and in 1821 Pope Pius VII made him doctor of divinity. His historical work began with "The Antiquities of the Anglo-Saxon Church" (1806) which was afterward considerably enlarged. His "History of England" appeared in eight volumes, from 1819 to 1830.

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