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Owen Meredith

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Owen Meredith is the name in literature of Robert, first Earl of Lytton (1831-1892) only son of the novelist Bulwer. He was an indefatigable writer of verse, beginning with "Clytemnestra" (1885). He belonged to the diplomatic service, and, by the favor of Lord Beacons-field, reached the high posts of Viceroy of India in 1876, and Ambassador to Paris in 1887. His most popular works are "Lucile" (186o), an animated narrative of modern high life, and "Tannhäuser" (1861), the story of a German mediaeval minstrel, who fell into the snares of Lady Venus, but repented and was saved. While residing in Constantinople, Lord Lytton translated many songs from the Servian. He had, indeed, a fine lyrical faculty, which was shown in most of his works. He had also a peculiar power of suggestive narration and of symbolism. The latter appears in his "Fables in Song" (1874), the former in "Chronicles and Characters" (1869). His "Glenaveril" (1885) is a long narrative in rhyme, more serious than "Lucile." One of his last works was a fantastic romance, "King Poppy." He died while writing the last words of a poem. Though endowed with original powers, he sometimes experimented in the style of other writers, thus bringing on himself the charge of plagiarism.

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