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Minor Poets

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton (1808-1877), often called the Hon. Mrs. Norton, was a granddaughter of the famous Richard Brinsley Sheridan. At the age of nineteen she was married to the Hon. George C. Norton, but in 1840 the union was dissolved after she had been subjected to shameful persecution for alleged infidelity. From her childhood she had written verses, and in 1831 she published "The Undying One," a poem on the Wandering Jew. After her separation from her husband she published many tales and poems and contributed frequently to periodicals. She was pronounced by the "Quarterly Review" "the Byron of our modern poetesses." This indicates the intense personal passion and forceful expression of her work. She is best known by the favorite piece for recitation, "Bingen on the Rhine."

Another woman who later touched the popular heart with her poems was Jean Ingelow (1830-1897). She had published some tales before her reputation was gained by her "Poems" (1863). The most noted of them are "High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire" and "Songs of Seven," exhibiting seven stages in woman's life. Other poems and stories did not increase the popularity she had obtained as an exponent of woman's feelings.

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