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Mexican Deer

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

At first sight, the Mexican deer is easily mistaken for the mule deer on account of its enormously long ears. A more intimate acquaintance with the pretty animal shows that it is of a family by itself, and can readily be distinguished from the mule deer by its tail, which is long and flat, with a pointed end, similar to the Virginia deer. Its upper part is darker than in any other species almost black. The Mexican variety is possessed of the white border-line beginning at the cleft of the short and broad hoofs and ascending, similar to the Central American and South American mazama deer. The most striking feature of the animal, however, is the entire form of its body and the color of its coat. The Mexican deer is not possessed of so fine a head or such a light and graceful build as the Virginia deer proper, with which it, however, agrees in the absence of the marked dark band of the chin. Its long, brown coat of hair, which is somewhat speckled on the body, has nothing in common with the general features which so admirably adorn the Virginia deer. This peculiar coat, which does not alter with the seasons, is probably caused by the animal living in a mountainous country.

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