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Deer Of The Philippines

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

Very different from all the other members of the deer family is Prince Alfred's deer from the Philippines, which has at all ages and all seasons a spotted coat. This deer stands about 2 1/2 feet at the withers; and its color is a dark chocolate-brown, with about six longitudinal rows of somewhat indistinctly-marked yellowish spots. The antlers are comparatively short, and have the front tine of the terminal fork directed inwardly, while the outer surfaces of the ears are nearly devoid of hairs. It is common in the Island of Luzon.

The dam makes her offspring lie down by a pressure of her nose; and it will never stir or lift up its head the whole of the day, unless you come right upon it, as I have often done. It lies like a dog, with its nose to its tail. The hind, however, although she separates herself from the young fawn, does not lose sight of its welfare, but remains at a distance to windward, and goes to its succor in case of an attack.

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