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A Bear That Wears Spectacles

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The only bears found in South America inhabit the Andes Mountains in Peru. They all belong to one family or species. They are small in size, black in color, and derive the name of "Spectacled Bear" from the tawny rings or semicircles round the eyes, whereby a most grotesque appearance is communicated to the whole physiognomy. The jaws, cheeks, throat, and chest are white; and the whole length of the animal is only about 31 feet. Little or no information exists as to its habits in its native state.

It is certain, however, that the spectacled bear is less savage than most of his congeners. He runs at the approach of the hunter, and for this reason there have been few opportunities to study him.

The spectacled bear feeds on berries, shrubs and honey. So far as known he gets little flesh food, for the animals of the Andes upon which he would naturally prey are keen of scent, timid and swift of foot.

It is certain, however, that the spectacled bear is an amusing animal, for aside from his comical appearance he has been seen to exhibit playfulness and perform many antics.

The small size of this bear would preclude the possibility of his being a formidable foe, and the fact that none has ever been captured shows that they would rather run than fight.

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