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Parti-colored Bear

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The strangest animal of all the family of bears is found in that practically unknown country of Thibet. It was first discovered in 1869. The general color is white, but the eyes are surrounded by black rings, the small ears are also black, while the shoulders are marked by a transverse stripe of the same color gradually increasing in width as it approaches the fore-limbs, which are also entirely black, as are likewise the hind-limbs. This peculiar coloration communicates a most extraordinary appearance to the creature; and without knowing more of its natural surroundings it is difficult to imagine the object of such a staring contrast. The tail is extremely short; and the soles of the feet are hairy.

The parti-colored bear is reported to inhabit the most inaccessible districts of Eastern Thibet, and to be of extremely rare occurrence. Unfortunately we are at present quite ignorant of its habits, although it is said to feed

chiefly on roots and the young shoots of bamboos, and to be entirely herbivorous.

It is about the same size as the small brown bear.

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