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Close up of a grizzly bear
The Story Of The Bear:
 Story Of The Bear

 Brown Bear

 American Black Bear.

 Ugly Sloth Bear

 Parti-colored Bear

 Polar Bear

 Himalayan Black Bear

 A Funny Little Bear

 A Bear That Wears Spectacles

Story Of The Bear

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

I have met all kinds of bears in my travels through wild lands and some species of bears I have met many times. I have met some in peace and some in war.

Bears are so unlike any other animal that they cannot be well described by comparison. In many respects they are so unlike each other that they are given special names according to the locality they inhabit.

For instance, there is the brown bear of Europe and Asia, also found in the Himalayas, where he has a much lighter coat; the black bear, with a white stripe on his chest, and the snow bear that also, inhabits the famous Himalaya Mountains; the gigantic man-eating grizzly of the Rocky Mountains and the mischievous and dangerous black bear of the same region; the great white bear of the Polar regions; the spectacled bear of the Andes Mountains in Peru; the funny little black bear of the Malay peninsula; the ugly sloth bear of India, and the black and white bear of Thibet.

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