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Swamp Antelope

( Originally Published Early 1900's )

The harnessed antelope of West Africa greatly resembles the kuau or pigmy antelope. The species shown in the accompanying illustration is from the Camerun mountains and the Gabun district. This antelope has white spots on the head and stripes on the body, but differs from other harnessed antelopes in the extremely long hoofs, which are evidently specially' adapted for walking on swampy ground. The lateral hoofs are large and elongated. The male stands about three and one-half feet at the shoulder; and is characterized by the absence of a fringe of long hair on the throat, and the dark olive tint of the coat. In the female the ground-color of the fur is bright rufous, ornamented, as in the male, with white spots on the face and stripes on the body. The horns of the male are generally about i8 or 19 inches in length, measured in a straight line. Little or nothing appears to be known as to the habits of this species in its wild state. Its common name is swamp antelope.

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